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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Pak Hei (Alvin) Leung’s compositions have been presented in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He has collaborated with Transient Canvas, the Rhythm Method String Quartet, Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble, Duo Zonda, Trio Mythos, Resonance, Stellar Trio, Music-Joint Association, Hong Kong Wind Kamerata, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Contrast Trio, Hong Kong Saxophone Ensemble, Romer String Quartet and many others. His recent works are featured in SPLICE Institute 2022, EMM 2022, ICMC 2021, SCI National Conference 2021, NSEME 2021, Longy’s Divergent Studio 2021, Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival 2020&2021, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Net Festival, SCI Summer 2020 Student Mixtape, Charlotte New Music Festival 2020 and others.


Alvin is currently a PhD student in Music Composition at the University of North Texas. He received a Master of Music degree at Bowling Green State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). His principal teachers include Joseph Klein, Kirsten Soriano, Panayiotis Kokoras, Marilyn Shrude, Christopher Dietz, Mikel Kuehn, Wendy Wan-ki Lee, Victor Wai-kwong Chan, Hau-man Lo and Ricky Tse.

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