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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Pak Hei (Alvin) Leung’s compositions have been played in the U.S., Italy, Taiwan and Hong Kong by music groups including Transient Canvas, the Rhythm Method String Quartet, Duo Zonda, Trio Mythos, Resonance, Stellar Trio, Music-Joint Association, Hong Kong Wind Kamerata, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Contrast Trio, Hong Kong Saxophone Ensemble and Romer String Quartet. His works are featured in ICMC 2021, SCI National Conference 2021, NSEME 2021, Longy’s Divergent Studio 2021, Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival 2020, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Net Festival, SCI Summer 2020 Student Mixtape, AL&N Creative Music Online 2020, Charlotte New Music Festival 2020, AL&N Letters for Others, Earth Day Art Model 2020, highSCORE Festival 2018, as well as New Generation 2014, 2016 & 2018.

Graduated with a Master of Music degree at Bowling Green State University, Alvin’s principal composition teachers include Marilyn Shrude, Christopher Dietz and Mikel Kuehn. He received the Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), where he studied with Victor Chan Wai-kwong, Wendy Lee Wan-ki and Lo Hau-man. Before that, he was a composition student of Ricky Tse Kin-chuen. He will pursue a PhD in Music with a concentration in composition at the University of North Texas in the coming Fall.

梁柏希畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,現為鮑靈格林州立大學音樂碩士生,主修作曲。梁氏師隨Marilyn Shrude, Christopher Dietz, Mikel Kuehn, 陳偉光教授、李允琪教授、盧厚敏博士及謝建銓老師。他將於秋季升讀北克薩斯州大學音樂哲學博士課程,主修作曲。

他的作品曾在不同場合發表,包括國際電腦音樂研討會2021、香港當代音樂節2020、SCI National Conference 2021、NSEME 2021、Longy’s Divergent Studio 2021、香港網上中樂節、夏洛特新音樂節2020、Letters for Others 網上展覽、Earth Day Art Model 2020、highSCORE音樂節、香港中樂團「心樂集2018」以及「音樂新一代」2014, 2016及2018。他曾與不同音樂團體合作,包括Transient Canvas、Rhythm Method弦樂四重奏、Duo Zonda、Trio Mythos、留聲樂團、Stellar Trio、凝音樂坊、香港管樂雅集、香港中樂團、羅曼四重奏、Contrast Trio及 Hong Kong Saxophone Ensemble。