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Imaginary Boyfriend (2024)

an intermedia monodrama for voice, electronics, video and theatrics

February 15, 2024 | 8:00pm | Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater (MEIT), UNT

Text, music and video by Alvin Leung + AI

Alvin Leung, performer

Duration: ~47'

Performance Recording:


Imaginary Boyfriend.png



Imaginary Boyfriend is a commentary that explores, reflects and questions what identity, relationship and love mean in current society under the influence of digital culture. Connections between seemingly unrelated themes and motifs are gradually unraveled as the piece progresses. The performer swaps between the roles of two characters: Alvin Leung and Ethan Parker. However, the settings of the two characters are unclear, as their names and the relationship between them are recontextualized and referred to in different ways. The tension between the “real” and the “imaginary” is further enhanced as information and materials involving Alvin Leung (the author) are embedded. Suno, ChatGPT, Adobe Firefly and Adobe Photoshop were utilized to generate part of the music, text and images in this piece.

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